About Living Stone

Living Stone exists to help people enjoy God with others. We enjoy God, because every little joy in life points to the eternal joy we can have in the one (God) who created all of the little joys. We enjoy God with others, because living alone is not really living- we were created to live with other people in authentic relationships. 

Living Stone helps you do those things, enjoy God and live in relationship, by making church a daily lifestyle - not an event. In short, we think Christians are called  by God to live together as the church instead of simply showing up to the church. We accomplish this by merging our personal and family rhythms with the rhythms of other people around us. 

We invite you to join us ("us" as in actual people, with names and stories). We invite you to join us in our rhythms. You can take the first step to join by reaching out to connect with a person

Our Beliefs

Living Stone holds to a few doctrines that will influence our teaching and actions in distinctive ways. 

  1. The gospel of Jesus Christ radically reshapes every person's identity, motivations, and actions.

  2. Every single Christian is equipped with the Spirit of God to accomplish the mission of God.

  3. God saves people through Christ in order that they would go out, making disciples and starting churches.

  4. God created men and women as equal and complementary image bearers of God.

Those doctrines will create a distinctive feel to everything Living Stone does as an organization.

We would refer those interested to read through the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 for a more in depth look at our theological commitments.

Our Leadership


Whitney Clayton

Whitney Clayton is the guy leading the charge to plant Living Stone Community Church in Eastmark. He comes to Phoenix from Northern Kentucky (think Cincinnati, Ohio, if you don't know Kentucky, and think Midwest U.S. if you don't know the Eastern half of the country). Whitney has been married to his beautiful wife, Ali, for seven years, and they have 3 really handsome boys and one adorable little girl. The claytons are loving life in the East Valley. Whitney has been in ministry for about eleven years, and is somewhere in the midst of getting the longest Masters level degree known to mankind, the M-Div.

Living Stone is a grateful partner of the North American Mission Board and the Southern Baptist Convention.

Living Stone is a grateful partner of the North American Mission Board and the Southern Baptist Convention.