Community Groups




A community group is a group of neighbors and friends who come together for a meal each week to connect and deepen their relationships with each other. 

The Claytons: Leading The Eastmark Group

Whitney and Ali have lived in Eastmark for over three years, which makes them pretty ancient by Eastmark standards. They have three awesome little boys and a pretty little girl. Their community group meets at their house for dinner Tuesday nights, and the other Eastmark families make it a point to bump into each other at the local parks throughout the week. 



Community Groups

Mankind is not meant to live alone. You are not meant to live alone. You are meant to be known by other people who love you, respect you, and care for you just as you are meant to know others whom you love, respect, and care for. Life is way too important experience alone.

In our church, we help people connect by training them to live out their normal rhythms of life with other people.

These rhythms are simple. They are the ordinary things everybody does every day. Everybody eats. Everybody shares. Everybody rests. Everybody listens. Everybody blesses. Everybody celebrates. We think you should keep doing these things you're already doing, just invite other people to do them with you. Doing things together is the key to living life in relationship with others. 

We have two groups of people, centered in two different locations who are working to merge their life rhythms together, and we would love for you to join us.